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There is no need to buy .edu or .gov links - we show you a simple way to find .gov and .edu pages and sites where you can place your own links

Here is just one way!  By using a basic search formula you can get started right away - here's an example of how easy it is to find .gov blogs where they invite you to post your comment!

A lot of the people who SELL you valuable high-cost .gov and .edu links will simply post your keyword text link on a government or educational blog like those shown here.  In the picture there are mainly USA .gov potential link sites, but you can target if you want UK links for example.

You can post these links yourself.  In fact you can post better links, and you can even search for more relevant sites with .gov and .edu domains by tweaking your search with a couple of your keywords!

Ready to get started!  Get the .edu and .gov links search formulae now and simply cut/paste into your search engine.

.edu and .gov links search formula here

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